Canopys Task Scheduler from Dev3lop is Officially Launched

The Task Scheduler Software Was Built with the Needs of Analysts and Engineers in Mind

Dev3lop, a tableau consulting services company based in Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest desktop software, Canopys Task Scheduler. The new task scheduler software was created to assist busy analysts and engineers in their script automation, task orchestration and problem solving capabilities.

To learn more about Canopys and how the innovative new task scheduling software works, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, as the world progresses to serverless solutions, costs are going way down, as is the price of building out infrastructure, the wait time to get approval, and the other challenges associated with a traditional SaaS IT solution.

At the same time, companies still have laptops that are in use by their teams, and they must still be able to solve business-related problems.

“With Canopys you can now start solving those problems on both Windows and Mac,” the spokesperson noted.

“We are also not limiting users on the usage, or whether or not it is installed on a server—we just want to help make task scheduling as easy as possible in frameworks that allow for more futuristic features.”

Using the new Canopys Task Scheduler is easy: people merely need to click the “Microsoft” or “MacOs” button on the Dev3lop website to begin downloading the software on their computer or cloud server. They can then start to use it to begin building automation for any task or complex workflow.

To help with task orchestration, people can also use Canopys across every team member in their organization; this will reduce manual processes, help to lower costs and reduce inefficiencies, the spokesperson noted, adding that as more companies are moving towards laptop based problem solving solutions that can then be moved into a cloud based application, the timing for the launch of Canopys is ideal.

“Canopys is ready and able to shift end users into a world of being able to automate faster, which leads them down the path of being able to handle any errors and ensure that their solution works, instead of wondering if the automation is working.”

Canopys Task Scheduler is also user-friendly. In addition to a list, it also includes a modern calendar view designed to help benefit teams that need to communicate about the automation happening in their environment—all without having to sift through a list of content.

“When you remove the barrier of complex tools, problem solving speeds decrease, and more time is spent where we believe is most necessary, which is hands free solutions,” the spokesperson noted.

About Dev3lop: is a grassroots tech startup based out of Austin, Texas. They offer tailored consulting solutions to their customers across an array of services, with a major focus on data analytics and tableau consulting service engagements. They have also launched a new task scheduler software called Canopys. For more information, please visit

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