Business Broker Firm Announces the Successful Sale of an Online Business

Baymark Partners Worked with to Purchase the eCommerce Business Nelly’s Security

GUAYNABO, PUERTO RICO /, a leading business broker firm, is pleased to announce the successful sale of an online business.

The acquisition of Nelly’s Security was completed by David Hook of Baymark Partners, and was purchased from Sean Nelson. The specific terms of the deal are not being disclosed due to confidentiality reasons.

Nate Lind, Business Broker and M&A Advisor with Website Closers, managed the sell-side for the transaction, starting with valuing the company through the due diligence process, all the way to the successful closing.

“From the time Sean and I first spoke I knew his company would get a lot of attention,” Lind said, adding that he started by providing his client with a free business valuation.

Lind’s hunch about Nelly’s Security was correct.

“We had 59 buyers reach out about his business. I had 187 email threads, phone calls, and touch points between me and these 59 buyers. I prescreened the buyers before we started talking with them,” Lind noted.

Nelly’s Security, which was launched 14 years ago, provides customers with a host of security products.

The highly profitable eCommerce business has built up a strong B2B customer base for its home security systems. The company has taken full advantage of a robust security market to sell its security cameras, alarms and access control devices to professional installers, and assisting homeowners and business owners in getting the most modern protections for their properties.

As Nelson noted, prior to contacting, he tried unsuccessfully to work with local brokers in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Nate was much more knowledgeable than previous brokers I’ve worked with in the past. I was very impressed with Nate’s knowledge of and understanding of the financial documents,” Nelson said, adding that Lind valued the company at a much higher amount than Nelson was expecting.

Hook said the entire transaction went smoothly from start to finish.

“Baymark Partners has worked with Website Closers for several years and when we found Nelly’s Security on their platform, we were excited to pursue it,” Hook said.

“Working with Nate Lind from Website Closers has been a pleasure. He’s logical, easy going, and advocates for solid buyers like us to their clientele so the transaction doesn’t become hostile.”

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