Business Broker and Author Nate Lind Releases New Book

“Maximum Exit: The Definitive Guide for Internet & Technology-Focused Business Founders” is Available on Amazon

TAMPA, FL / Nate Lind, a business broker and author, is pleased to announce the release of his new book “ Maximum Exit: The Definitive Guide for Internet & Technology-Focused Business Founders.”

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The book is a guide for internet and technology-focused business founders, and offers tips and advice on how they can sell their business for top dollar.

More specifically, “Maximum Exit” was written for business owners in the E-commerce, online retailer, digital marketing agency, SaaS, digital information, e-learning and app company industries.

“In my book, I will teach readers how to achieve a Maximum Exit on their own or guide them through the process. That way, the next chapter of their life starts with a good amount of money to secure their financial freedom,” Lind said.

The short book, which can be read in one to two hours, also answers critical questions company founders should ponder including “What is your business worth?” “What can increase the value?” and “How much will buyers pay?”

“Maximum Exit” also addresses why waiting to sell can actually drastically decrease the amount a business is worth.

“Taking too long to sell can make your business nearly unsellable or worthless,” Lind said.

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About Nate Lind

Nate Lind has facilitated over $80 million dollars in mergers and acquisitions since 2020. Prior to that was an eCommerce entrepreneur for over a decade with over $100 million in gross sales in the health and beauty industries. In 2016, Nate sold an eCommerce reporting system to a strategic. He’s also learned critical lessons from launching multimillion-dollar eCommerce brands. He shares those insights with his clients to help them avoid pitfalls as he guides them towards their own successful exits.

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