Bunny Rocket Token Goes Viral on Twitter

Thanks to Some Recent Attention that the Cryptocurrency Bunny Rocket Token Received on the Popular Social Media Website, a New Market Cap Milestone Was Reached

The founders of the Bunny Rocket token project are pleased to announce that thanks to some recent tweets by influential Twitter users, the cryptocurrency token is now rallying stronger than ever.

To learn more about the Bunny Rocket token project, please visit https://www.bunnyrockettoken.com.

As a company spokesperson noted, while Bunny Rocket has received its fair share of attention on Twitter before, this time was especially impactful. An image of a bunny and a rocket was tweeted by some large pages, prompting a new market cap milestone to be reached.

“An hour after the tweets went out into the Twitter cryptoverse, Bunny Rocket quickly reached record milestones in terms of trading volume, price, and market cap,” the spokesperson noted, adding that in addition, the likes of Bunny Park, Little Angry Bunny V2, Rewards Bunny and others were seen gaining value as well.

“Even on Google Search, there was an increase of interest in the keywords ‘rocket bunny’, ‘bunny crypto’, rabbit crypto’ and ‘rocket bunny crypto’ in the aftermath of the images going viral on Twitter.”

One tweet about Bunny Rocket was favored over 400,000 times, which the founders of the token were delighted to see.

The team behind the Rocket Bunny token is using this new interest and momentum to further develop their project and expand its adoption, the spokesperson noted.

About Bunny Rocket:

Bunny Rocket is a cryptocurrency token project. To learn more about the Bunny Rocket token, please visit https://www.bunnyrockettoken.com.

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