Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the Water Immersion Massage Table

The New Table Will Allow Massage Therapists to Practice While the Client is Under Warm Water

The inventor of the Water Immersion Massage Table is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the innovative and effective massage table.

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As a spokesperson noted, the creator of the Water Immersion Massage Table knows that many adults experience soreness, tightness, discomfort and/or injury at some point in their lives. While massage can be a good way to help people heal by naturally reducing inflammation, it can take a while for the massage therapist to warm up the fascia around the muscles and joints, which in turn can allow muscle tension to be released.

This knowledge inspired the inventor of the Water Immersion Massage Table to create the new table that uses the power and soothing properties of warm water and moist heat to penetrate deeply into the body. This will allow the massage therapist to have immediate access to underlying problem areas.

The Water Immersion Massage Table will be ideal for trained rehabilitation therapists and massage therapists at spas and bodywork centers to use on their clients. Users of the table include people who have had a sports-related injury, those recovering from surgery or an accident, cancer patients, people recovering from PTSD and the elderly.  

“The immersion table also utilizes natural inflammation reducers including heat, essential oils, minerals and buoyancy,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the Water Immersion Massage Table is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the Indiegogo crowd funding website.

“When combined, the unique massage experience is able to soften the fascia, enhance relaxation, and effectively alleviate more pain.”

Unlike other massage tables, the Water Immersion Massage Table will feature a basin that is tapered upward to support the person’s head while keeping the body nearly entirely submerged in the warm solution. It will also include an adjustable toe-board which will accommodate the height of the person getting the massage, while also offering support and stability. 

“Upon leaving the water immersion table, the therapist is able to achieve much greater joint mobility and range of motion upon stretching the client,” the spokesperson noted.

About the Water Immersion Massage Table

The Water Immersion Massage Table is an innovative new massage table that will allow massage therapists to work on their clients while the person is submerged in warm water. The table will be ideal for people with chronic illness, the elderly or those with a decreased range of motion. For more information, please visit

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