Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the Lukizzi Maze Ball, a Fidget Toy with a Purpose

The Lukizzi Maze Ball Can Help with Concentration, Improve Hand Dexterity and Ease Anxiety

Jeffrey Bauer, Founder of the Lukizzi company, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Lukizzi Maze Ball, a fidget toy and desktop device with a purpose.

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As a company spokesperson noted, while many companies have created small, handheld toys that are designed to help kids and adults with fidgeting, many of them are inappropriate for the classroom setting or workplace.

This knowledge inspired Bauer to create the Lukizzi Maze Ball, a sleek-looking fidget toy and strength and dexterity tool that takes traditional spinners, clickers and cubes to the next level. The Lukizzi Maze Ball, which is available in dusty grey or graphite black, is currently the subject of a fundraiser on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

“The Lukizzi Maze Ball is an intriguing addition to any desk,” the spokesperson noted, adding that with its professional and cool look, the desktop device can serve many functions.

“Use it as fidget device to aid in concentration, play with it as toy, and practice hand dexterity. With the ability to change the patterns, the possibilities are endless.”

When held in the hand, people can move the thumb slide and the thumb toggle back and forth, similar to a light switch. If they prefer, they can also use the thumb toggle to slide it in a “U” shape from side to side. The thumb toggle can also be spun down a built-in track on the ball and it may also be circled around.

When the Lukizzi Maze Ball is sitting on a desk, people can place the center ball in the donut stand and spin it like a top or take the thumb toggle and spin it down the track.

“Each shell provides a maze or a pattern allowing for finite hand brain coordination, unique strength exercises, or just plain fidgeting,” the spokesperson noted, adding that there are three outer maze patterns that will be available, with more released over time.

About Lukizzi

Lukizzi started out as an idea which grew into a company that wants to provide toys to the world for everyone to enjoy. For example, the Lukizzi Maze Ball is a sleek and professional looking fidget toy that is designed to help people improve their concentration while reducing their anxiety. For more information, please visit

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