Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the Ionic UV Mask

The Mask is Designed to Electronically Clean the Air, Removing Dust, Pollution, Smoke and Other Contaminants

Ionic Concepts, LLC is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their Ionic UV Mask.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the team at Ionic Concepts realizes that there is no real standard for paper masks. Even N95 masks that are made with the correct type of paper may not have the proper fit, leaving people who wear them with a mask that is clogged and has a contaminated airflow.

This knowledge inspired Ionic Concepts to create the Ionic UV Mask, which is designed to electronically clean the air. In turn, this will help to remove dust, pollution, smoke and other contaminants. The Ionic UV Mask is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the Indiegogo crowd funding website. 

The Ionic UV Mask will continually clean the air, which in turn will allow the wearer to inhale deeply and feel healthier, as opposed to experiencing the suffocating sensation that traditional masks sometimes cause.

“Airborne particles become negatively charged, and when you inhale, the particles in the air pass through a positively charged collector surface,” the spokesperson noted, adding that they become attracted and attached to the positive surface, which pulls them out, so the air becomes purified and eliminates the particles in the air. 

“Our Ionic UV Mask pulls down to class 100, meaning you can only have less than 100 particles below 0.5 microns in size in one cubic foot of air. That’s the same standard as a surgical room in a hospital.”

The Ionic UV Mask will run on USB outlet rechargeable batteries, and the inside is equipped with a washable stainless steel metal surface plate and an electronic fan, a UV germicidal air sanitizer. 

After wearing the mask, people may take it apart and easily clean it; the mask is both dishwasher safe and able to go into boiling water.

As a bonus, the Ionic UV Mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it begins working right away. 

About Ionic Concepts, LLC

Ionic Concepts, LLC is creating the Ionic UV Mask, a mask that offers wearers pure, sanitized and positive pressured air. The mask is designed to filter air through ionization. For more information, please visit 

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