Announcing the Launch of the Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove from Nassau Golf

The Innovative 6 Finger Golf Glove is Designed to Help People Properly Grip the Club and Get Solid Shots

Nassau Golf is pleased to announce the launch of their Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove.

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As a company spokesperson noted, with over 32 million people in the United States playing golf, there is definitely a need for tools that help to improve the game. For example, no matter how much people practice and how skilled they become, oftentimes club head and hand consistency are not achieved.

“Unfortunately, due to the natural structure of the body, at the top of a swing hands typically separate,” the spokesperson noted, adding that this can cause the player to regrip and thus reduce the force behind the swing.

To help prevent this issue and eliminate the need to focus on gripping with every swing, Nassau Golf has created the Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove. The innovative glove, which is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the crowd funding website Indiegogo, is designed to stop this separation and put the lead thumb in the ideal position. 

“Its unique six finger design ensures that the hands are properly held in place, therefore enhancing the player’s game,” the spokesperson said.

The Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove is designed to be very easy to use. With the main hand inside the glove, the player can place his or her second hand’s lead thumb into the attached area. Once both hands are together, there is virtually no chance of movement or separation.

The Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove is ideal for beginners and pros alike and is available in right-handed and left-handed versions. In addition to helping to eliminate hand separation and improve grip on the club, the glove may also quickly boost muscle memory.

In addition, to help keep golfers as comfortable as possible while wearing the Tour Edition 6 Finger Golf Glove, it features breathable mesh on the knuckles, fingers and wrist, and is resistant to both water and sweat.

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