Announcing the Launch of the TennisHQ Website

The User-Friendly Website Helps the Average Joe Know What Tennis Gear to Buy

HAMPSHIRE, UK / The founders of TennisHQ are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

To check out the new site, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of TennisHQ know that whether people are just getting into a sport, or if they are a serious player wanting to tweak the quality of their gear to perform at their maximum potential, everybody needs great advice to get there.

“The problem is that most sports have their own ‘lingo’ and unspoken standards that only the sports insiders really fully understand. Tennis Rackets and Shoes are no different and the problem is for the vast majority of people it’s crazy hard to know what the right products for them as players are,” the spokesperson noted, adding that this knowledge inspired the creation and launch of the new TennisHQ website.

“We found when trying to buy our own Tennis rackets that although the existing shops sold tons of great products, we couldn’t really work out what was right for ourselves as individuals. The amount of technical information and range of products is overwhelming, so we set about solving this problem for customers like ourselves. Trying to make something complex, explained in a simple and meaningful way.”

The new TennisHQ website, which was created in a partnership with some of the top sports brands, breaks down the technically complex for the simple-minded. The site will help enable the newest of Tennis players to know what to buy and how to work it out. It also converts what the normal shop expert would say into simple graphs and visuals, this enables any site visitor to become a tennis expert at a glance.

About TennisHQ

TennisHQ is a family-owned business in Romsey, Hampshire, run by Tennis specialists with a long history of both playing and coaching. With their experience and expertise, are aiming to deliver a new way for people to buy their Tennis Rackets, Shoes and other equipment in an honest, value for money, and helpful way to make choosing the right products simple for customers. For more information, please visit

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