Announcing the Launch of TestWheel, a Testing as a Service (TaaS) Enterprise Software Test Automation Platform

TestWheel is an Innovative and User-Friendly Cloud-Based Test Automation Platform

HERNDON, VA / TestWheel™ is pleased to announce the launch of their software test automation platform. 

As Timothy Sar from TestWheel™ noted, the majority of enterprise systems struggle to keep up their test cycle with high-speed agile based development. For instance, the test process requires them to initiate their own infrastructure engineering, tools, and automation to support the development and release process—tasks that can all be challenging for enterprise systems to complete. 

To help address and solve this challenge, TestWheel™ was created. TestWheel™ is an evolutionary cloud-based test automation solution that helps in achieving both structured manual and automated tests in parallel.  

TestWheel’s script-less automated testing starts from development unit tests, ensuring a high-quality outcome with a meticulous approach. Leveraging cloud computing, TestWheel™ enhances the testing experience with a powerful web automation framework. 

As Sar noted, the easy-to-use automation testing platform helps ensure software quality while reducing the time required on testing efforts. 

“Our perfect Plan, Build, and Run procedure automates the tests from planning to building and running the application at lightning speed,” Sar said, adding that TestWheel™ also supports automating major aspects of a test project including generating a Test case, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Data generation, and Test Execution. 

“Our automated testing service aims at improving the client’s web and mobile application by reducing human effort and time.” 

There are a number of benefits to using the TestWheel™ software testing automation platform. For instance, it is highly cost effective, and is ideal for small to large-scale businesses. 

In addition, TestWheel™ requires only a one-time set up and documentation, and it offers a number of tests under a variety of scenarios, all with a minimum number of adjustments. This means users can save time and effort, while reliable testing takes place. 

TestWheel also offers an innovative “self-healing technology,” which means it can automatically detect and fix any bugs during the testing phase.  

Regardless of whether users are familiar with software testing platforms or are newbies to this type of platform, TestWheel™ offers an easy-to-navigate website that is highly intuitive. 

“Our automated testing framework is user-friendly and can be used by all developers for various types of testing, regardless of their level of experience with automated testing tools,” Sar said. 

TestWheel™ also offers a dedicated 24/7 customer support team. Customers are welcome to contact TestWheel at any time, and speak with one of the friendly and experienced support team members. 

About TestWheel™ 

TestWheel™ is an advanced cloud-based test automation solution, seamlessly combining structured manual and parallel automated tests. Leveraging cloud computing, TestWheel™ enhances the testing experience with a powerful web automation framework. For more information, please visit 

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