Announcing the Launch of Live Ride Laugh, Offering a Large Selection of Ride on Car Toys for Kids

The Ride On Cars Come in a Variety of Colors and Styles and Include Safety Features for Kids Including a Parental Remote Control System

MIAMI, FL / Live Ride Laugh is pleased to announce the official launch of its website, The user-friendly new site offers a wide selection of ride on car toys for kids.

To check out the website and the variety of fun and colorful kids car toys that are available, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the goal of Live Ride Laugh is to help deliver happiness to every child, while also allowing them to discover the joys of the great outdoors and exploring their surroundings.

Thanks to the large variety of ride on car toys, kids will be able to do just that.

“Our collection of electric powered toy cars, motorcycles, rockers, tricycles, and push cars, designed and developed for children between ages 1 to 6, helps them to enhance their hand-eye coordination, balance, and boost their activity level,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the kids cars also offer features found in many regular sized vehicles.

“The cars are designed with realistic features, like openable doors, trunk, touchscreen entertainment system, LED tail light, dashboard light, buttons for honking, steering wheel, reverse and forward gear, 12V power and more.”

Because keeping kids safe while they are having a blast driving around is also of utmost important to the team at Live Ride Laugh, the ride on car toys also come with premium safety features including a parental remote control system.

The kids car selection is also environmentally friendly and offers sturdy rubber tires, leather seats with a stroller design and seatbelts. Children can drive their kid-sized vehicle on a number of surfaces, from smooth sidewalks and pebbled paths to rocky terrains.

About Live Ride Laugh

In these times, it can be hard for parents to get their kids out of the house to play. Live Ride Laugh has made innovative mini kids cars that are as realistic as the real ones. The cars have leather seats, music, LED lights, rubber wheels, floor mats, and many other cool features. The new website features realistic ride on cars, motorcycles, ponies, tractors and more. Certain cars are licensed by Ford, Lamborghini, CAT, John DEERE, and other major car brands. For more information, please visit

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