Announcing the Launch of Hillhouse Coffee, a Coffee Shop that Will Provide Delicious Coffee Without the Wait

Hillhouse Coffee Will Feature Drinks Made with Cold Roast, Which is Designed to Drastically Reduce How Long it Takes to Make a Coffee Beverage

Hillhouse Coffee is pleased to announce the upcoming grand opening of its first location in Tucson, Arizona.

To learn more about Hillhouse Coffee and how they will be the future of drive thru coffee, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the team from Hillhouse Coffee knows that many people enjoy going to a coffee shop. From savoring a customized coffee drink to having friendly conversations with the baristas, there is an almost nostalgic appeal to this experience.

Unfortunately, going to a coffee shop does have one drawback: it can take a great deal of time for a beverage to be made. Because it takes an espresso machine an average of 3.5 minutes to make one beverage, people often find themselves in long lines—either on foot or in their cars.

To help coffee lovers to get their delicious and caffeinated beverages as quickly as possible, Hillhouse Coffee was inspired to create and launch the first of its kind coffee company that features delicious drinks without the wait—all through the use of Cold Roast.

“Providing you with the same amount of caffeine as espresso, Cold Roast removes the long wait time that accompanies the espresso machine and replaces it with a revolutionary proprietary grinder, keg and nitrogen tank coffee brewing system,” the spokesperson noted, adding that together, this process will create a smooth and highly caffeinated extraction of coffee in the fraction of the usual time it takes to make espresso. 

Hillhouse Coffee, which will feature a system capable of allowing baristas to serve a customer in 60 seconds or less, is currently the focus of a fundraiser on the truCrowd crowd funding website. 

“We are on a mission to serve customers with a value proposition that no other coffee provider in the market can meet. Hillhouse Coffee stands for two things: convenience and quality.”

To increase customer retention and make the ordering process even easier, Hillhouse Coffee is also creating an app that includes payment system technology. The customer can scan their unique bar code at the time of ordering, which will allow him or her to accrue points for rewards while building a purchase history. 

About Hillhouse Coffee

Hillhouse Coffee is the world’s first of its kind coffee company that offers unprecedented speed of service. Their innovative system will allow baristas to serve customers their favorite coffee beverages in 60 seconds or less. For more information, please visit 

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