A-1 Auto Transport Requires Their Movers to Comply with New FMCSA Transportation of Household Goods Regulations

The New Regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are Designed to Improve the Efficiency of Moving Companies by Simplifying the Documents Needed at Each Moving Stage

APTOS, CA / A-1 Auto Transport is pleased to announce that they are requiring their movers to comply with the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.

To learn more about the new regulations for shipping household goods, please visit https://www.a1autotransport.com/new-regulations-for-shipping-household-goods/.

As an article on the A-1 Auto Transport website explains, the new FMCSA rules will simplify the documentation that is required at each stage of a move. This, in turn, will improve the moving company’s overall efficiency.  

“More importantly, the FMCSA’s new rules for consumer protection will help protect consumers from fraudulent moves by supporting all joined forces to fight relocation fraud, thereby assisting consumers to remain safe when using professional movers,” the article notes, adding that in addition, FMCSA is also making changes to the regulations that govern household goods brokers of property.

“Those modifications would reduce transportation types of charges for household goods automobiles and provide clarity, particularly to carriers.”

In addition to streamlining the documentation that is needed during a move, the updated FMCSA rules also include the requirement for physical surveys of shipments and the ability to conduct the inspection virtually.

These physical surveys are now mandatory for each shipment, except in the case of special circumstances.

As the article notes, the changes to the shipping laws are definitely positive, and will benefit both the shipping companies and the consumer.

“Never before has it been easier and more transparent for the consumer to gain extra confidence with the required procedures for their next move across the country,” the article notes.

“Protection of your household goods through insurance and survey inspections can give confidence to the client that your carrier will take care of your needs in case of damages or claims for loss.”

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