A-1 Auto Transport Posts New Article that Covers the Special Requirements Needed When Shipping a Car or Motorcycle

From Noting Which Countries the Vehicle Will Need to Go Through and Learning the Rules of These Nations and More, the Article Offers Tangible Advice and Tips

APTOS, CA / A-1 Auto Transport is pleased to announce the release of a new article that focuses on the special requirements that are needed when shipping a car or motorcycle.

To read the new article in its entirety, please visit https://www.a1autotransport.com/special-requirements-when-youre-shipping-a-car-or-motorcycle/.

As the article notes, whether people need to ship a motorcycle to a faraway location for an upcoming motorcycling adventure or their car must be shipped as part of a move, the process can seem overwhelming.

To help make the task less complicated, people should first sketch up the route their vehicle will go, taking note of the locations and nations through which it will travel.

Next, people should research how to send their motorcycle or car through each country, paying close attention to what paperwork is required. This can be accomplished by looking up each nation’s temporary import rules for vehicles on the country’s official website.

A number of shipping options are available for cars and motorcycles; these include airfreight, sea freight, road transport, and/or a combination of these modes of transportation.

Using a professional international shipping and freight agent is an excellent choice for any option. For example, the firm will have the needed skills to securely pack and crate the vehicle, which will also help to avoid damage.

While there are times when air freight or sea freight are more appropriate for shipping a vehicle, it is important that people select the best option for them and their journey.

In general, air freight has more consistent timing than sea freight, so it is usually a better option for the beginning of a trip, or a “bridging leg” of the vehicle’s transportation.

As the article notes, the last thing a person wants is to have to wait for their motorcycle to arrive to start their adventure, or for their vehicle to arrive after moving to a new state or country.

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