A-1 Auto Transport Announces that Enclosed Auto Transport Requests Rose 38 Percent in 2021 Versus 2020

A-1 Auto Transport Offers Reliable and Reputable Enclosed Auto Transport Shipping Services Across the United States and Internationally

SAN FRANCISCO, CA/ A-1 Auto Transport is pleased to announce that their enclosed auto transport requests went up 38 percent in 2021 versus 2020.

To learn more about the enclosed auto transport services that are available at A-1 Auto Transport, please visit https://www.a1autotransport.com/enclosed/.

As a company spokesperson noted, while A-1 Auto Transport normally helps a large number of clients every year with their enclosed auto transport services, 2021 was especially busy.

Whether people need to ship their high-end luxury car in a covered car transport across the state, or want to ship their antique vehicle or vintage hot rod across the ocean to another continent, the friendly and experienced team from A-1 Auto Transport pride themselves on handling virtually any enclosed auto transport job with ease.

“The primary advantage of using covered car transport over other options, such as open carrier transportation, is it provides the highest level of security and extra protection,” the spokesperson noted, adding that with the added protection and security that only comes with enclosed auto transport, people can rest assured their car will arrive safe and sound.

“Not only is the vehicle safeguarded from weather, rocks and other road debris that may be kicked up by the road, it will also be out of view from prying eyes. Enclosed car transport provides a secure environment and prevents any unwanted passersby from tampering with or having access to it.”

A-1 Auto Transport is proud to offer different types of enclosed auto shipping carriers: those that hold one vehicle and those that ship anywhere between two and four cars. The fully enclosed single car trailer is ideal for high end makes and models, and many feature padded interiors for extra protection.

For people who have multiple vehicles they need to transport in an enclosed vehicle, the multi-car option is an outstanding choice. They are also reserved for expensive vehicles and are enclosed on all sides.

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