Frequently Asked Questions


We guarantee to complete the initial research and writing phase of your press release within 72 hours from placing your order (usually sooner).

Once you are 100% happy with the release we then start on the distribution phase, submitting it via our special blend of syndication channels and to our direct media contacts. The release can then take another 24-48 hours to get approved and go live. (quicker for some portions of the distribution)

We will also keep you updated during every phase of the process.

YES! We will not send your release to the distribution team until you are 100% happy and have approved it for release. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied and we’ll keep working until you have a release that you’re proud to put your name on.

YES!!! We will give you a comprehensive report with direct links to your release on various news websites.

Yes, but since we partner with highly professional news organizations we must adhere to a wide variety of strict editorial guidelines. As such, we prefer that you let us write your story so we can optimize it to get the best results possible and ensure that it is accepted by our entire network. If you send us a press release that does not adhere to the guidelines outlined on our order form it will add significant delays to the processing of your order.

For a full breakdown of what is and isn’t allowed please take a look at our Editorial Guidelines.


Due to the constantly changing landscape of the PR industry, prices for our partner’s wire services are subject to change.

As such, we ask that you use any credits within 6 months of your original purchase. After this point they will expire.

Yes! On our pricing page make sure to select the toggle option at the top to see our 10 Pack Bulk Discount.

Want to purchase a 20 pack for a further discount? Please contact us to speak to a PRMWire representative about bulk rates.

YES! We have many clients that do very well reselling our service. PRMWire is all-inclusive; which means we write, distribute and create reports on behalf of our clients. That type of hands-off service is ideal for SEO firms, marketing agencies, or anyone else who has clients that need massive exposure. The reports will not contain any PRMWire branding, so there’s no risk of your clients finding out that you’re using our service. And since our prices are some of the most affordable in the industry you can mark up your prices significantly and come away with a sizable profit.

While backlinks are not the main aim of a press release it is a nice benefit of your story being syndicated online as well as to our exclusive list of media contacts. Unfortunately there is no way we can tell you how many backlinks you will get as each release will be picked up by a wide number of different websites. This goes for traffic as well. Everything will depend on your niche and keywords, as well as current trends etc.

With that said, we syndicate to thousands of 3rd party journalists and editors so it’s safe to assume that your story will be picked up by a wide number of sources.

Needless to say, our clients are always pleasantly surprised with the results that this service provides them.


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Alertnatively you can get there directly by going to

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