Editorial Guidelines

PRMWire’s editorial staff reviews all press releases before distribution to ensure that content is newsworthy, accurate and in an acceptable press release format. Attention to the following guidelines will help your press release get speedy approval and distribution on our platform.

PRMWire press releases must contain a clear, timely and newsworthy angle and be free of advertising hype, direct address and spam. Press releases should incorporate the following features/qualities:

  • Newsworthy Content: Common news angles include timely information about a new product or service, a business expansion or recent event, an organizational milestone like an anniversary or award or the issuance of a tip sheet or expert opinion on a topic currently in the news. The news announcement must be clearly stated in the headline. Not everything is news. Do not try to use your press release for advertising or to post a general interest article, “open letters” and the like that lack attribution and/or news value.

  • Objective Tone: PRMWire press releases should be free of hype flags and direct address (i.e. “you,” “I,” “we,” etc.) unless used within a quotation from a spokesperson for a company or organization. Direct address is a flag that the content is an advertisement rather than a news release. Similarly, hype flags — exclamation points; hyperbolic product/service claims; descriptions of a product or service as AMAZING, or the use of upper case characters to create emphasis — challenge the credibility of your news announcement.

  • Attribution: PRMWire requires a clear news source to be identified when 3rd party statistics are quoted. If, for example, you say that the FDA said “this and that,” then a link would be required to an FDA article which proves it. That link should be a hyperlink used somewhere in the corresponding sentence. That link does not make up the four hyperlinks you get with your order.

  • Legally Accurate: PRMWire requires a case number, court of record, complaint number or other sufficient documentation for all press releases referencing legal action or criminal matters.

  • Written Authorization: In certain cases, such as with network marketing companies, with the use of a stock ticker symbol, or with major corporate announcements such as (but not limited to) those related to M&A, PRMWire may require written authorization from a company executive before a press release is approved for distribution. Independent representatives of network marketing companies, MLM or party plan companies must always obtain the express consent of the company’s executive.

  • Standard Length: PRMWire press releases should be between 300 and 800 words. The length of your release directly affects its distribution, and press releases that are overly short or long may have trouble being indexed in the search engines. The news Summary should also be limited to 1 or 2 sentences.

  • Standard Grammar and Spelling: PRMWire press releases should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Although jargon and acronyms are good for search engine ranking, make sure to include definitions for industry jargon so the average person can understand as well.

  • PRMWire Formatting: PRMWire press releases cannot contain HTML tags and other formatting such as non-standard characters, tables or forced line breaks. Releases also should not be written partially or entirely in all capital letters. Before submitting your release, please ensure all links in your release are fully functional. If your website is not available or fully functional at the time of editorial review, you will need to remove the links from your release, or wait until the website is in operation to submit.

  • A Clear News Source: PRMWire requires a clear news source be identified in the headline. The news source is the company or organization that is issuing the release. If your agency, firm or business is distributing on behalf of a client, then the source would be the client’s company or organization’s name. It should also be clear how that company or organization relates to the news announcement.

  • Email Addresses: PRMWire does not recommend the use of email addresses within the body of the press release. If an email address is included, our editorial team will modify the email address to be in this format Name (at) example (dot) com.


PRMWire does not distribute:

Advertisements: Press releases are distributed via a direct-to-consumer platform but are written in a standard press release format with a news angle — not to sell to consumers. A good press release informs the media and the general public about a newsworthy topic. If your press release reads like an advertisement, rewrite it.

Personal Opinions: PRMWire will not distribute content intended to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group. PRMWire typically accepts press releases related to political, public policy and other sensitive matters, provided opinions are appropriately attributed and the release does not contain unsubstantiated allegations or excessive hyperbole.

People Focused Announcements: PRMWire will not distribute content where the body of the release focuses on a person or persons. A release must be written in the “voice of the company” with an announcement being about the company and not any individuals.

Name Dropping: PRMWire does not allow a release to name drop. eg. No listing names of other companies or people outside of your company. If mentioning people within your company then keep it out of the body of the release and restricted to the boilerplate / about section.

Unaccepted File Attachment Types: PRMWire does not accept releases that contain links or attachments with extensions other than the following: jpeg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, ps, pdf, doc*,xl*, rtf, ppt, mpeg, mp* and mov.

Sexually Explicit Content: To ensure the integrity of our service for all, PRMWire does not accept content about sexually explicit material or products. Press releases should not contain references or links to explicit sexual material, illegal material or profane language. Please note that all 18-and-older Web sites are considered sexually explicit.

SPAM: Avoid getting caught in content filters because of the prominence, high volume or density of words and/or phrases that are frequently found in advertisements, unwanted e-mail (SPAM) or on non-newsworthy websites. Examples of these words and phrases include girls, amazing, FREE, sex, naked, buy, “make money” and “don’t miss this opportunity”.

Link SPAM: Please limit your link count to 1 per 100 words. This policy is in place to protect the value of the links in a press release and the value of links within the PRMWire network.

Blog Posts: Blog posts, general interest articles, “open letters” and the like usually lack attribution and/or news value and are not an acceptable press release format.

Opinion Pieces: News releases can be about a person or group’s opinion on a topical subject, but should not contain only opinion. Opinions not attributed to a source are flags that the content may be an advertisement or opinion column rather than a news release.

Reprints: News and feature articles, opinion columns, editorials or news stories from other websites or publications, especially if they are copyrighted, are not press releases.

Fiction: All PRMWire users must agree to submit only accurate information.

Duplicate Content: The search engines and other targeted audiences do not want to see the same release more than once.

Intent to Harm: PRMWire does not distribute content intended to harm or exact revenge upon an individual or group. This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company’s stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual or group.

Unauthorized Ticker Symbols: While we encourage our clients to use any ticker symbols they are authorized to use in their press releases, we will need to receive the proper authorization from the source company for each ticker symbol used. If unable to provide this, we will ask that any ticker symbols be removed from the release.

Online Gambling: PRMWire does not publish releases that promote or link to online gambling, fantasy sports and related sites.

Streaming Video Sites: PRMWire does not publish releases that promote, or provide access to, streaming video content from premium broadcast providers or television channels without the direct authorization from the original broadcast owner.

Payday or Short Term Loans: PRMWire does not publish releases that promote or link to payday or short term loan services.

Online Pharmaceuticals: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote sexual enhancement drugs or supplements, or online pharmacies that do not require a prescription.

Work from home: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote work from home programs.

Stock recommendations: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote stock picks, newsletters, alerts, recommendations, advice or reviews. Publicly traded companies may still promote their own news.

Electronic cigarettes: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote the sale or use of electronic cigarettes.

Green coffee beans: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote the sale or use of green coffee bean extract or supplements.

Raspberry ketone: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote the sale or use of raspberry ketone.

Coupons sites: PRMWire does not accept releases that promote coupon sites / coupon directories.

Over-optimization: PRMWire does not accept releases that contain keyword or link over-optimization.


PRMWire also reserves the right to remove news releases that are determined to have earned unnatural inbound links through participation in paid link schemes. On occasion PRMWire will review client releases to ensure they remain compliant with search engine Webmaster Guidelines.

* PRMWire’s editorial staff reviews all press releases before distribution. PRMWire editors have the final say in determining what content is appropriate for distribution on the PRMWire platform. These guidelines are meant to supplement PRMWire’s terms of service which require users to be responsible for the content and accuracy of all information submitted to us.