Case Studies

Real World Examples - What Can Be Achieved With PRMWire

Case Study #1

Client : Charles Nicks

Charles Nicks of Costa Mesa, Ca was kind enough to part with his recorded earnings on a campaign he did for one of his products.

The image below shows when the press release first went live. Having landed on several relevant websites in his niche, his clicks jumped from an average of 4 per day to almost 200, yielding over $1400 of profit in 10 days.

I can do this on a consistent basis because I do my keyword research and I know what my readers are looking for. I create an interesting and relevant announcement for each press release.
My advice it to research what the competition is doing and see what is getting the most attention. A simple Google search will show you that. Then think of something that will get reader's attention. With PRMWire your press release will land in front of your target audience, and with the way these guys write the story, your readers will be compelled to click. It's important to have a call to action under the first paragraph which I beleive is a standard part of their writing method. I can't recommend PRMWire highly enough for getting more eyes on your service.
Charles Nicks

Case Study #2

Client : Dave Shields

The following email was sent to us from a now long time client, Dave Shields. This was his first campaign with PRMWire and the results have earned his repeat business.

As a disclaimer, the results he got from this campaign do not happen with every press release, but it's a testament to what can happen (and does happen everyday) with PRMWire's winning formula.

This image shows his keyword as searched for in Google, and the results page from the search.

In interest of the client's privacy, as per his request, any mention of his business has been blurred out.

(since there were so many results there is a lot of blurring).

When searching his keyword in Google, the press release was not only featured first in the news section, but it also landed their image on the first page and lifted their organic ranking to the very first spot- Hence the massive explosion in traffic.

Case Study #3

Client - Montu Motors

The following press release was sent out in August of 2014- Well over 2 years from the time of this posting.

With marketing, longevity is critical, and press releases can stick around well after the initial campaign.

In fact, this client recently told us that he's still getting traffic and interest from this one press release alone...2 years later!

At the time his press release first hit, he said that it wasn't long before the car was sold; with the buyer having found them through their press release.

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Yahoo! Finance

A search for the term "Nissan Skyline GTR R32" will yield many press release results for our client "Montu Motors."

They have effectively dominated the Japanese car import market with press releases as one of the cornerstones of their success.